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SA6 Portable Spectrum Analyzer,Handheld Frequency Analyzer,35 to 6200 MHz RF Input,Signal Generator,with 3.2 inch Touch Screen

SA6 Portable Spectrum Analyzer,Handheld Frequency Analyzer,35 to 6200 MHz RF Input,Signal Generator,with 3.2 inch Touch Screen

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Brand Name: HDMB


Origin: Mainland China

Interface: USB

Display Size: 3.0 - 4.9 Inches

Average Noise Level: -89dBm & Under

Model Number: SA6 RF Spectrum Analyzer

Warranty: 1 Year

What are spectrum analyzers ?

A portable spectrum analyzer is a movable test device used to measure and analyze the spectral characteristics of a signal. It can quickly and accurately display the energy distribution of a signal at different frequencies.

Portable spectrum analyzer has the following functions:

1. Signal analysis: by detecting and displaying the signal's spectral information, the portable spectrum analyzer can help users understand the signal's frequency distribution, peak power, bandwidth and other parameters. This is very important for wireless communications, electronic equipment testing, radio spectrum management and other fields.

2. Troubleshooting: portable spectrum analyzers can help engineers quickly find and locate problems in the field. By observing the spectral characteristics of the signal, engineers can determine whether there are interference sources, spurious signals, modulation offsets and other problems, and take corresponding measures to repair.

3. Spectrum monitoring: portable spectrum analyzer can monitor and record the spectrum changes of the signal in real time. It is of great significance for radio spectrum regulation, radio frequency band utilization optimization and electromagnetic environment assessment.

4. wireless network planning: in the design and optimization of wireless networks, portable spectrum analyzers can help engineers select the appropriate frequency band, adjust the antenna direction, optimize the network coverage to improve the performance and reliability of wireless networks.

In short, portable spectrum analyzer is a powerful and flexible tool that can be applied in various fields to help users perform signal analysis, troubleshooting, spectrum monitoring and wireless network planning tasks.

SA6 Product Parameters

Device menu language: English
Displayed frequency range :35-6200 MHz
Measured frequency range :35-4500 MHz
Dynamic range:
-for 35-3000 MHz band:75 dB
-for 3000-4500 MHz band:70 dB
Maximum bandwidth:6165 MHz
IF bandwidth (fixed):200 kHz
Sweep speed with a span of more than 100 MHz:700 MHz/s
Sweep time of 100 MHz span:< 0.25 s
Detectable signal duration at 10 MHz scan span:20 ms
Noise floor:
in the band up to 3000 MHz:< -100 dBm
in the band 3000-4500 MHz:< -95 dBm
in the band 4500-6200 MHz:in the band 4500-6200 MHz
Input impedance:50 Ohm
SWR in the operating frequency range:< 1,5
Internal attenuator:0-30 dB
Error of attenuation:
up to 10 dB:2 dB
from 10 to 20 dB: 5 dB
from 20 to 30 dB:8 dB
Frequency range of built-in tracking generator:35-6200 MHz
Tracking generator output power:-15 .. -25 dBm
Accuracy of display of a signal within a dynamic range:2 dB
Maximum input power:
with 0 dB attenuator:+ 10 dBm
with attenuator > 20 dB:+ 20 dBm
The measured maximum input signal:+ 10 dBm
Maximum RF input DC voltage:25 V
Maximum supply current:
when running on battery:450 mA
when running on USB(in charging mode):500 mA
Battery capacity:3000 mAh
Continuous operation time from accumulator:3h
Battery charging time:~5 h
Dimensions:155×81×27 mm

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What is a 100K-6Ghz Full Band Low Noise Signal Amplifier?

A 100K-6Ghz full-band low-noise signal amplifier is an electronic device used to enhance signals in the range from 100KHz to 6GHz and to minimize the introduction of noise when amplifying the signal. Such amplifiers are commonly used in wireless communications, RF transceiver systems, and other applications that require high-frequency signal amplification. The characteristic of having low noise means that it is able to amplify signals while maintaining signal quality without introducing excessive interference or distortion.

HT004 Product Parameters

Item Type: Low Noise Amplifier
Product Model:HT004
Material: Metal
Frequency Range: 0.1MHz-6GHz
Connector: SMA Female
Gain: 20dB
Input, Output Impedance: 50Ω
Input Voltage: 5V 70mA
Battery Type: without battery
Product Size:68*40*15mm / 2.7*1.6*0.6inch

Package List

1 x Low Noise Amplifier (Without Battery)
1 x USB Cable

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