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Retevis HA06 Walkie-Talkie Antenna VHF 152MHz 2.15dBi SMA-F or SMA-M for Handheld Walkie Talkie Retevis RT21V RT27V RT47V Radio

Retevis HA06 Walkie-Talkie Antenna VHF 152MHz 2.15dBi SMA-F or SMA-M for Handheld Walkie Talkie Retevis RT21V RT27V RT47V Radio

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Center frequency:: 152MHz

Impedance:: 50Ω

50Ω: Less 1.5

Gain:: 2.15dBi

Polarization direction:: Vertical

Radiation direction:: Omnidirectional

Lightning protection:: DC grounding

Power capacity:: 20W

Length:: 390mm

Connector:: SMA-M or SMA-F

Radome Material:: ABS

Radome color:: Black or Orange

Brand Name: RETEVIS

Item Type: Antenna

Model Number: HA06

Origin: Mainland China

Choice: yes

semi_Choice: yes

Retevis HA06 Handheld MURS Antenna

SMA-F Connector for Retevis RT21V RT27V RB27V Radio

SMA-M Connector for Retevis RT47V RB17V RB38V Radio


This HA06 antenna has two kinds of colors:Black or Orange.They are of the same quality and performance except for the color. Please rest assurance and purchase. But you need choose the suitable type of conncetor:SMA-M or SMA-F.


1. High Quality High Gain Antenna, Let's Boost your MURS Radio!

2. Can be Bent, Durable, Resilient, Tough, HA06 MURS radio antenna was made withdurability in mind. It’s flexible yet rugged construction allows this antenna to handle any situation, any time.

3. The HA06 antenna was made with your retevis radio in mind. The antenna sits snuggle at the bottom and leaves no gap, protecting your radio from the elements.


Center frequency :152MHz


V.S.W.R:Less 1.5


Polarization direction:Vertical

Radiation direction:Omnidirectional

Lightning protection:DC grounding

Power capacity:20W



Radome Material:ABS

Radome color:Orange / Black

Orange or Black, please choose the color you like,only difference in colors.But please pay attention to the connector type,they both have SMA-F or SMA-M connector,choose the right connector you need.


一.Why is the measured value of VSWR higher than 1.5?
1: Each antenna has a center frequency point. At this frequency point, the VSWR value is the lowest and the use effect is the best. So try to measure around 144MHz/430MHz.
2: The accuracy of the measuring instrument. The Retevis factory uses expensive fixed measuring equipment, which is more accurate than ordinary cheap handheld devices.
If you are not satisfied with the antenna, please contact us in time, hope you can understand.

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