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Retevis Ailunce HD2 DMR

Retevis Ailunce HD2 DMR

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Brand Name: Retevis Ailunce HD2 DMR

Battery Capacity(mAh): 3200mAh

Origin: Mainland China

Waterproof / Water-Resistant: IP67

Maximum Range: 3km-5km

Model Number: HD2

Is_Display: Yes

Walkie Talkie Type: Portable

Output Power(w): 5w-10w

Storage Channel: 3000

Frequency Range: Receive frequency:VHF 136-174Mhz UHF 400-520MHz

Certification: CE

Certification: FCC

Transmit Frequency: USA :144-148Mhz, 222-225Mhz;420-450Mhz EU:144-146Mhz, 430-440Mhz

RF TX Power: High/Middle/Low/Ultra low power

Retevis Ailunce HD2 DMR

Features: Retevis Ailunce HD2 DMR

1.Ailunce HD2 is the upgrade of the popular DMR Radio Ailunce HD1.

2.It has a very high strong output power, you can select TX power on the radio directly, and also has a lower power to easy use with a DMR hotspot.

3.The HD2 support to import 500,000 DMR Contacts.

4.Upgraded USB Type-C charging battery, charge the radio on the desktop charger, or just the battery alone.

5.Eye-catching alarm button on top of the radio, easy and quick to request an emergency call in emergencies.

6.Almost all the operations can be done via the radio keyboard.

7.Support to use a side key as the secondary PTT.

8.Support night mode and adjust the brightness.

9.Support different keyboard lock mode.

10.Support Bluetooth voice transmission.

11.Support NOAA function

Main Function:

Dual Band DMR Radio

Analog and Digital Combined

Compatible with Motorola Tier Ⅰ&Ⅱ

500000 Contacts + 1000 Priority Contacts

IP67 Waterproof


Encryption Function

Lone Worker

Single/Group/All call

Remote kill/stun/activate

1.77 inch Color LCD Display

10 level brightness adjustable

Contacts and color code Promiscuous Function

Standard CTCSS/DCS

Analog Monitor

3 kinds of Keyboard Lock: Keyboard, Keyboard+CH Knob, PTT+CH+Keyboard

LED Indicator

Password Lock

Battery Save

Voice Annunciation

1000/1450/1750/2100Hz Single tone

32 ID Setting

Night Mode select-able

Emergency Alarm function

Dual PTT

Retevis Ailunce HD2 DMR Waterproof Dual Band DMR HAM Two Way Radio

HD2 DMR ham radio is the upgraded version of HD1, which restores the advantages of HD1 and increases wireless 5.0, enlarge contacts and other advantages. Wireless 5.0 connects the wireless headset and enhances the coverage range. Specified emergency call key helps you to ask for help and ensure your safety, making your going out more secure. Side key to turn on NOAA, helping you get up-to-date weather anywhere. USB-C charging is easy to recharge DMR radio more convenient and efficient. Adjustable brightness and night mode make it clear to check the channel, frequency and battery information easily no matter when it is day or night. Multiple increased practical functions enable HD2 walkie talkie to be used widely on outdoor off-road and emergency rescue.

Main Function for Retevis Ailunce HD2 DMR

Bluetooth walkie talkie

wireless 5.0 technology offers more stable connection and longer range; making communication more convenient and efficient supports connecting the wireless headsets to release your hands; no cable trouble; free and convenient to communicate within 10m.

Community aspect

Professional two-way radio supports importing up to 500,000 contacts; enables you to name contacts or group them for efficient communication. 3000-channel DMR radio means the radio is able to save multiple channels and contacts; ideal for large groups various needs.

Ham radio long range

high power has strong signal to transmit and extends the communication range.strong penetration is efficient to overcome the environments disadvantages and increase the stability and reliability of communication.

Single/Group/All Call

Flexibly meet various communication needs in different conditions.DMR radio supports different calling modes on various occasions, including individual, group and team communication, which meets flexible needs in a big team.

Night Mode

1.77inch color display is available for day and night to check dual band frequencies due to adjustable brightness and backlight time. In addition, night mode is convenient to protect your eyes when operating DMR ham radio at night.

11 NOAA Channels

The handheld transceiver supports turning on NOAA through the side key and choosing the channels to get the latest weather information conveniently.

Waterproof Walkie Talkie

IP67 dust-proof and waterproof capabilities make ham radio reliable for use in harsh environments.

Built-with 3200mAh Battery

High-capacity battery has a long battery life of 35 hours and can accompany users for long-term operations. It is a necessity for off-road and emergency rescue outdoor operations.

Emergency Alarm

Press the specified alarm key to turn on the local or remote alarm. Remote alarm will send the voice to your partners to ask for help, making your going out secure.

Squelch Function

Adopting 0-9 level squelch function to filter out background noise, even when you are in a noisy environment, a clear voice can be transmitted.

SUB-PTT Function

It is convenient for you to transmit dual band frequencies without pressing the */scan key to switch band A or B.

VFO Function

HD2 digital walkie talkie works with the keypad,brings convenience for edition through the 2 way radio rather than the computer.Package Include:

1 X Retevis Ailunce HD2 DMR

1 X Type-C Charge Battery

1 X USB Type-C Charging Cable

1 X Type-C Desktop Charger

1 X Antenna

1 X program cable for HD2

1 X User’s manual

1 X Belt clip

1 X Sling

1 X Bluetooth Earpiece

1 X Programming Cable


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