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New 50KHz-2GHz Malachite DSP V9 SDR Receiver Radio Malahit-DSP1 1.10d Firmware AM CW SSB NFM WFM

New 50KHz-2GHz Malachite DSP V9 SDR Receiver Radio Malahit-DSP1 1.10d Firmware AM CW SSB NFM WFM

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Brand Name: HLFEC

Origin: Mainland China

Oscilloscope Parts & Accessories Type: Oscilloscope Parts

The latest V9 version, Malahit-DSP1 stereo SDR receiver, Malahit-DSP1, with dual antennas, is available in the range of 50kHz to 250MHz and 400MHz to 2GHz


1. 【 Appearance Design 】 Adopting a golden ratio CNC aluminum shell integrated cutting process, sprayed with fine sand oxidation, the appearance is exquisite and more textured, and the aluminum knob is paired with a strong mechanical feeling

2. [Product Details] It supports a dual antenna input 1.10D receiver, optimizes the filter and circuit, especially the medium wave part, and has a certain improvement in performance. It attenuates to 30dB with high resistance input, improves shortwave sensitivity, and will have better and more stable signals.

3. 【 Register 1.10D firmware, support 2G 】 Receive frequencies from 50kHz to 250MHz, and from 400MHz to 2GHz. If you want to achieve better results when receiving shortwave frequency range M, MW, USB, LSB, SSB, it is recommended to use a small loop active outdoor antenna with a frequency of 0.1HZ-30MHZ

4. 【 High Range 】 The built-in 5000Mah3.7V rechargeable battery and USB type C interface provide long-lasting battery life. Once fully charged, it can be used for 15 hours, making it very safe to use.

5. The computer can be connected via USB or the receiver can be controlled by the computer. The specific operation manual provides detailed instructions

6. It has functions such as variable filter width, adaptive noise suppressor, threshold noise suppressor, noise suppressor, AGC, equalizer, etc.

7. [Enhanced Screen] He has increased the brightness of the screen, which is slightly higher than the conventional screen brightness on the market, making it clearer and more comfortable to see in the sunlight


1) The radio is built based on the principle of SDR, and its functions are determined by the loaded software.

2) Frequency range 50 kHz to 250 MHz and 400 MHz to 2 GHz

3) All types of analog modulation: AM, SSB (LSB USB), CW, NFM, WFM

4) Powerful: variable filter width, adaptive noise suppressor, threshold noise suppressor,
Noise Blanker (AGC_ Equalizer.

5) Using a fully functional chip msi001

6) The powerful stm32h743 with a clock frequency of 480 MHz has been applied.

7) 3.5 inch IPS display screen with touch screen.

8) There is a built-in UHF.

9) Control 2 encoders with buttons and touch screen.

10) The power is supplied through an external TYPE-C (Huawei mobile phone) interface and can be charged by TYPE-C. Internal battery voltage 3.7V, capacity 5000mAH.

11) The current consumed when listening to headphones is 300mA.

12) In order to improve HF reception on the antenna, an additional board with a source follower has been developed with a built-in receiving module. This board will be built into the standard receiver design.

13) By connecting to the computer via USB, CAT, IQ, and audio can be transmitted.

14)192kHz span, with scalability.

15) Sensitivity -0.3 at s/w under conditions up to 1GHz μ V=10dB.

16) Due to the characteristics of the MSI001 chip used, the dynamic blocking range is approximately 85dB.

17) There is backlight control.

18) SMA female antenna socket;

19) Using a temperature compensated crystal oscillator to achieve frequency stability of up to 1ppm

20) Dynamic up to 82db

21) Rod antenna length: 0.75 meters

22) Overall dimensions 140X94X30mm

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