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Hamgeek Micro PA50+ (PA50 Plus) 50W 3.5MHz-28.5MHz HF Power Amplifier HF Amp with 1.3" OLED Screen

Hamgeek Micro PA50+ (PA50 Plus) 50W 3.5MHz-28.5MHz HF Power Amplifier HF Amp with 1.3" OLED Screen

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Brand Name: TZT

Origin: Mainland China

Compatible Audio & Video Equipment Style: Amplifier

Dimensions (WxHxD)): 88x38x143mm

Certification: CE

Model Number: PA50+ Plus

Weight: 600g

Package: Yes

Frequency range: 3.5MHz-28.5MHz

Input power: 2-5W

Input standing wave: 50Ω

Maximum output power: 40-50W

Output impedance: 50Ω

Current consumption: 12A

Hamgeek Micro PA50+ (PA50 Plus) 50W 3.5MHz-28.5MHz HF Power Amplifier HF Amp with 1.3" OLED Screen


Hamgeek Micro PA50+ is an upgraded product based on Micro PA50. Compared with Micro PA50, it has the following upgrades:

1. The upgraded display screen is a 1.3-inch OLED screen, which has a larger display area and is clearer and more intuitive.

2. Upgrade the thermal runaway management design, and improve the thermal stability again under the original high stability characteristics.

3. With the support of the new thermal runaway management, the IMD performance is improved to a new height, and its signal quality is better.

4. With the new LPF design, the power output of each frequency band is more balanced.

5. Upgrade the software algorithm and the execution efficiency is higher.

6. Customized lengthened UHF-KYD RF connectors can use non-standard plug-in connectors.

7. Optimize some hardware structure designs to improve the ability to resist falling.

Hamgeek Micro PA50+ inherits all the advantages of Micro PA50 at the same time. It is a 50W intelligent portable shortwave power amplifier. With high-speed automatic transmission and reception switching, it can automatically switch between receiving and transmitting without using an external PTT control line. Similarly, Hamgeek Micro PA50+ also enables high-speed automatic switching of LPF filters, and there is no need to connect the band control line, any QRP shortwave radio station can be used perfectly. And it has perfect power and standing wave display and protection functions; voltage display and protection functions; temperature display and intelligent heat dissipation and temperature protection; and the CW semi-plug-in mode function has also been added; of course, it also supports the use of external PTT to control receiving and transmitting switch and band control line switch LPF filter, and support for band switching protocol andXIEGU brand band switching protocol at the same time.

Upgraded PA50 Plus Specifications:
- Brand: Hamgeek
- Model number: Micro PA50+
- Frequency range: 3.5MHz-28.5MHz (incremental support to 29.8MHz)
- Input power: 2-5W
- Input standing wave: ≦2.0 at 50Ω
- Maximum output power: 40-50W
- Output impedance: 50Ω
- Output standing wave protection: 1:3.0 (≦10W); 1:2.0 (≧10W)
- Supply voltage: 8.5V-17.5V (up to 14.2V for machines before 2023); 13.8V (typical value)
- Current consumption: ≦12A
- Maximum working temperature: ≦60℃
- Dimensions: 88x38x143mm/3.5x1.5x5.6" (excluding protrusions); 88x38x160mm/3.5x1.5x6.3" (including protrusions)
- Weight: about 600g/1.3lb

Upgraded PA50 Plus Package Included:
- 1 x HF power amplifier

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