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ATU-100 Automatic Antenna Tuner OLED Display 1.8-50MHz 3.2 Firmware Programmed Open Source Shortwave

ATU-100 Automatic Antenna Tuner OLED Display 1.8-50MHz 3.2 Firmware Programmed Open Source Shortwave

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Brand Name: kksmile

Origin: Mainland China

Certification: none

Frequency Range: 1.8-55 MHz

Output Power: 100W


1. Connect the radio-ATU antenna tuner-antenna

2. When using for the first time, please set the output power of the radio or power amplifier between 20-30W, warning that high-power tuning may easily damage the antenna tuner.

3. Set the radio mode, use FM mode

4. Select the antenna frequency band to be used, use 20-30W power in FM mode, press the radio PPT, observe the ATU antenna tuner PWR and SWR

5. The use of ATU button TUNE: Short press (less than 1 second) ATU button, it is in reset state, long press (more than 1 second) ATU button is in adjustment state

6. If the SWR display of the ATU antenna tuner is greater than 2.0 in the transmission state, it means that the antenna has been detuned. You need to use an antenna tuner. Press and hold the ATU button TUNE to tune and observe the SWR value. If the SWR is greater than 3.0 after tuning, the antenna will be detuned. Seriously, it is not recommended to use more than 30W power, and the transmission power should be controlled below 30W; if the tuning is completed, the SWR display is less than 2.0, and the maximum power of 100W can be used for transmission.

ATU antenna tuner product parameters:

0.96 inch OLED automatic sky adjustment

1.0.96 inch automatic sky adjustment

2. The display is 0.96 inch OLED

3. Weight: 520g

4. Packaging size: 19.5*13*6CM

The main features of ATU-100 MINI 7x7 antenna automatic tuner:

Working frequency: 1.8-55 MHz

Built-in 3.6V lithium battery 1350MA

USB charging current: 1A

Maximum working power: 100 watts

Maximum measured power: 150 watts

1 watt: It is necessary to start setting the minimum power

Minimum measured power: 0.1 watts

Measurement procedure with power up to 10W: 0.1W

Hourly powerful measurement steps 10 watts above STI: 1 watt

Power measurement accuracy: 10%

Specified maximum inductance: 8,4 uH capacity

Minimum installation step length of inductance: 0.05μH

Maximum installed capacity: 1870 pF capacitor

Minimum installation step length: 10

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