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40W UHF 400-470MHZ VHF 136-170MHZ UV Dual-Band Ham Radio Power Amplifier AMP

40W UHF 400-470MHZ VHF 136-170MHZ UV Dual-Band Ham Radio Power Amplifier AMP

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Brand Name: AISANRAY

Function: None

Style: Tabletop

Certification: none

Origin: Mainland China

Type: LW

The product is suitable for UV with double hand, let your radio into the base station, improve radio distance calls (suggest collocation and over 2 meters in length UV double glass steel antenna, please use the UV double antenna used car)
Use: "RF IN" interface for signal input 
"ANT" is the output interface of power (connected to a base antenna or Car antenna)
Minimum size: 130MM*106MM*66MM
Heat dissipation mode: 40 degrees temperature control, air cooling
Standby current: about 10-30mA
Supply voltage: 10-13.8V
Modulation mode: DMR, DPMR, P25, C4FM, SFK
Output power: 40W MAX
Receiver loss: -1.5DB + 0.4
Working mode: half duplex (not acceptable under transmit status)
Receiving frequency: 50-1000MHz
Transmitting frequency: 400-470MHZ 136-170MHZ
Input power: 1-5W
Dual band RF power amplifier, the main function is the wireless transmission equipment 400-470MHZ or 136-170MHZ the original small power amplifier, the small device with large power to make communication distance more like strangers sound more clearly, this product with half duplex transceiver automatic conversion circuit, suitable for all U radios and digital equipment, can be the perfect support DMR, DPMR, P25, digital C4FM, SFK frequency hopping and the traditional linear model.

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