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RETEVIS Walkie-Talkie Antenna SMA-F RHD-771 VHF UHF Dual Band for Kenwood Baofeng UV 5R 144/430Mhz for Quansheng UV K5 UV K6 K58

RETEVIS Walkie-Talkie Antenna SMA-F RHD-771 VHF UHF Dual Band for Kenwood Baofeng UV 5R 144/430Mhz for Quansheng UV K5 UV K6 K58

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Brand Name: RETEVIS

Item Type: Antenna

Origin: Mainland China

Model Number: RHD-771

Connector Type: SMA-F(Female)

Band: Dual band VHF/UHF

Frequency: 144/430Mhz(136-174+400-470)MHz

Gain: 2.15dBi

VSWR: Less than 1.5 Downwards

Max power: 20 Watts

Length: 39cm/15.4 In(approx)

Color: Black

Common Problem:

一.Why Retevis showed the VSWR less than 1.5 on the advert, but I measure higher than 1.5?

1.The accuracy of the measuring instrument. The Retevis factory uses professional measuring equipment(very expensive than handheld devices), which is more accurate than ordinary handheld devices.

2.Each antenna has a center frequency point. At this frequency point, the VSWR value is the lowest and the use effect is the best. So try to measure around 144MHz/430MHz.

二.About packaging.
We use a long envelope style bubble film packaging, which is safe, drop-proof, and will not bend.

RETEVIS RHD-771 SMA-F Walkie Talkie Antenna VHF UHF Dual Band 144/430Mhz SMA-F Soft Whip Antenna 39cm For Kenwood Retevis RT5R RT29 Baofeng UV5R 888S UV-82


The Original Retevis RHD-771 Elite Antenna will allow you to get longer range on your handheld radio, like Retevis H-777,RT5, For BaoFeng 888s,UV-5R radio. This antenna features a 2.15dBi with up to 20 Watts of power. It is 39cm in length and weighs 34g


100% brand new and high quality




Dual band VHF/UHF(UHF works better)

Antenna type

SMA-F Soft Antenna





Max power

20 Watts


Less than 1.5 Downwards



Connector Type


Omni Polarization





ABS and Heat shrinkable sleeve


39cm/15.4 In(approx)





Widely used on handheld Radios with SMA male interface

Applications model:

for Kenwood



H-777,RT-B6,888s Plus,RT5,RT6,RT7,RT21,RT23,RT25

for BAOFENG/Pofung

BF-666s,BF-777s,BF-888s,UV5R,UV5RA,UV-5RB,5RC,5RD,UV-6,UV-8,5RE plus,BF-F8+,UV-B6,UV-B5,BF-K5,BF-A5,BF-A58,UV-A52,UV-82,UV-9R, UV9R Plus

for HYT








TG-K4AT,TG-K100,TG-K200,TG-K58Mini,TG-6A,TG-5A,TG-620,TG-5A Plus,TG-K4AT(UV),TG-360.

For most handheld radio.

Package Includes:

● 1 or 2 x Retevis RHD-771 VHF/UHF SMA-F Antenna

Buyer Show:

range is good, i was able to speak with someone from buiding to building from 2 km away in city , i did not do ther tests, just a quick review about functionality , works great with baofeng uv 5r , very flexible, shipping was fast and in bulk, o rings included 

Original! The quality of the antenna is super, the rubber ring is available. Packaging is branded and very reliable + pupyrka. I recommend the seller in the work has not yet checked, I think that a much better standard antenna. 13 Feb 2022 01:30

Antennas (2 pieces) fully corresponds to the description. The goods are satisfied. At the radio station baofeng uv-5r came up perfectly. sat down like regular. It's fine. In the work checked at home, one station on the balcony, the other in the room, the distance of the corridor between them is 15 meters. Talk purity after A short antenna is noticeably felt, at times cleaner. I think in nature the range will also increase. Thank you to the seller for the goods!

Checked in the work in nature, audibility is much better and longer, with the headset in general Super!Delivery to Nizh. region 13 days. This antenna is not just a piece of wire with a connector, but a well-tuned antenna system. Not even two but three range. FM: 98MHz, 2M: 141-170MHz, 70cm: 433.500-480MHz.ΦphotoNe1 noise generator. FM-98, 2m-160MHz, 70cm-480MHz. Ne2 Analyzer 154/440, (held with one hand). Ne 146/440, (holding the device with both hands). Ne4 141/440 (connected one counterweight at an angle of 45gr. L/4 144MG approximately 520cm), the influence of hands and so on did not change the picture. Neb and Ne7 143.500/437.500 (the device stood on a small metal plate). Simply put, the body of the device, the body, the metal sheet and the counterweight, served as a radio ground, thus increasing the efficiency of the antenna. The role of the counterweight of the portable radio is played by the body of the operator. With a walkie-talkie, I have at least a KCB 151/435. There is one more resonance at 640 MHz, it disappears when the counterweight is connected. FM reception is much better. Good antenna. Jun 26, 2019 03:20 PM

Доставка в Ниж. обл. 13 дней. Данная антенна не просто кусок провода с разъёмом, а хорошо настроенная антенная система. Даже не двух а трех диапазонная. FM: 98 МГц, 2 м: 141-170 МГц, 70см: 433,500-480 МГц. Фото№1 генератор шума. FM-98, 2 м -160МГц, 70см -480МГц. №2 Анализатор 154/440, (одной рукой держал). №3 146/440, (двумя руками держал прибор). №4 141/440 (подключил один противовес под углом 45гр. L/4 144МГц примерно 520см), влияние рук и прочее не меняло картину. №6 и №7 143,500/437,500 (прибор стоял на небольшой металлической пластине). Проще говоря корпус прибора, тело, металлический лист и противовес, выполняли роль радиотехнической земли, таким образом, повышая эффективность работы антенны. Роль противовеса портативной рации играет тело оператора. С рацией у меня минимум КСВ 151/435. Присутствует еще один резонанс на 640МГц, при подключении противовеса пропадает. На много лучше принимает FM. Хорошая антенна.

Два минуса, что продавец отправляет их свернутые кольцом и немного длинные. Две недели висели подвешенные за верхушку чтобы выпрямились. Сейчас анализатор показывает 140,500 (с противовесом)/433,500 (без противовеса). Похоже немного вытянулись, резонанс немного вниз ушел, другого объяснения не вижу. Измерение делал дома что немного не корректно, не поленился съездил в чистое поле, показание такие-же только линии четкие и ровные. На фото немного искривленные, влияние посторонних предметов. Продавец молодец. Обработал заказ сразу-же в этот день как заказал.

High Gain, Low VSWR, Long Range

Delivery from Russia ImL 5 days, the seller sent the goods immediately after payment, the QR code belongs to RETEVIS outwardly the quality is excellent, they work, I haven’t checked it yet, I’ll check it out. Thank you seller.

KCB at 144-146 MHz from 5.4 to 5.9 PMR 1.09-1.11, LPD 1.0 - 1.1. Draw your own conclusion. Retevis RHD-701 works great at 144-146 MHz. 10 Sep 2020 01:16

The antennas are very good at receiving / transmitting in the 70 cm range, but best in the 2 meter range. Rubber o-ring is included. I use Baofeng uv-5r for the walkie-talkie. Excellent quality for this amount. The seller well done sent on the day of the order, went within 1 month. 06 Jul 2020 17:11
Good antenna, better native. Swr 145.5=1.7, Swr 433.5=1
The product arrived without damage. Included with each is a rubber seal. | On UV 82 it becomes with and without a seal. In comparison with a standard antenna, the improvement in the transmission and reception range is almost [2.5 times. non-original NA 771, which they like to shove in addition to walkie-talkies, in terms of performance characteristics is not much different from the standard baofeng. When testing on slightly hilly terrain, the standard antenna already interfered at a distance of 3 km (the place is indicated in the red circle on the horizon). There was no reception at all for 4 km. As for these Retivis at the same distance - a clear and confident reception, Communication was up to 9.5 kilometers on the odometer. it is necessary to take into account the fact that the place of the second subscriber at such distances was geologically in a lowland, the distance passed through a gentle hill (seen in the photo). noises appear near power lines at a distance of 6 km, in the car on the go. reception quality at long distances is significantly reduced. Overall an excellent product. capable of expanding the capabilities of radio stations. 01 Nov 2020 11:49
Antenna with a range of great signal, recommend   08 Feb 2022 14:38

Antennas pleasantly pleased. I read a lot of reviews before buying but was ready for the worst. The quality of communication compared to the regular ones is many times better if you do not say more. There are no noise or other interference at all. the connection was on DM waves in a dense city building distance of 2 km including numerous towers of cells. Aperator and transformer budok. All the houses are 9 and 17 and floor. Took out Nagoya. It's just two springs like two pieces of wire. So ritevis is just shykrna. Recommend.

Perfect for Baofeng UV-5R UV-82 UV-9R Plus

Item well packed, complete. The communication range on Baofeng 82 Вw radio stations has increased by 2 times compared to standard antennas. 15 Aug 2020 05:38

fit perfectly on the baofeng uv-5rc. the rubber gasket in the kit came in handy. excellent antennas. the parcel was tracked, the delivery is fast, the antennas are straight. I recommend the seller. 27 Oct 2020 07:37The antennas are simply excellent compared to the bundled Baofeng UV5R 27 Jul 2020 09:20Packed very well. I haven't seen better packaging yet. Delivery is very fast. Came on the same day with walkie-talkies. I also ordered on the same day. Ordered October 12th. Received on the 20th. Antennas, as in the description. I took for Baofeng uv9r plus. We got perfect. Visually satisfied. At work, I haven’t felt the difference with my relatives yet, I checked it for 4 km, almost across the plain. Later, the booth will be tested in the mountains and at low frequencies. Let's see. I'll add it right after the test. A. yes. FM radio, they are noticeably better. 20 Oct 2020 13:56Antenna is well made It has a good fit and finish. Made from soft rubber, flexible. Quality plastic with a steel jacket.Performance is good but! I experienced improvement in audio quality both on receive and transmit. It is significantly gives you a stronger signal, less noisy. On other side the antenna makes the radio way bigger. I can live with it. About the range I believe It gives you some extra range but more audio quality. In this way It will help you because they will catch your signal better. I recommend this antenna over fake Nagoyas. It works well on SMA female. I used on UV5R, UV82, 888s - no problem. I use it on UHF. 19 Apr 2022 12:21

Bubble Padded Envelopes & avoid bending

Everything came intact, the antennas are not bent. but for a light body, the walkie-talkies seem to be a bit heavy. I haven't tested the range yet. 10 Sep 2020 09:08

Everything came intact, the antennas are not bent. but for a light body, the walkie-talkies seem to be a bit heavy. I haven't tested the range yet. 10 Sep 2020 09:08

Antennas arrived intact. The quality looks good, twice the standard length. I haven’t checked the range yet, as soon as I check, I’ll definitely write! 09 Oct 2020 04:46

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