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Retevis RA79 Aviation Band Walkie Talkie AM FM Airband Two Way Radio USB C Charge Ham Radio Quansheng UVK5 uvk5 Walkie-talkie

Retevis RA79 Aviation Band Walkie Talkie AM FM Airband Two Way Radio USB C Charge Ham Radio Quansheng UVK5 uvk5 Walkie-talkie

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Brand Name: RETEVIS

Battery Capacity(mAh): 1400

Origin: Mainland China

Waterproof / Water-Resistant: No

Maximum Range: 1.5km-3km

Model Number: RA79

Is_Display: Yes

Walkie Talkie Type: Portable

Output Power(w): 3w-5w

Storage Channel: 200

Frequency Range: EU Version: UHF 430-440MhzUS version: UHF 420-450Mhz&VHF 144-148Mhz;

Dimensions: 115*60*37.5mm without antenna

Certification: CE

Certification: FCC

FM Radio Channel: 20

Frequency Stability: ±1ppm

Net Weight: 225g (including antenna and battery)

Receiving Frequency Range: F1 (50-76Mhz)

Receiving Frequency Range: F2 (108-135.9975Mhz)

Receiving Frequency Range: F3 (136-173.9975Mhz)

Receiving Frequency Range: F4 (174-349.9975Mhz)

Receiving Frequency Range: F5 (350-399.9975Mhz)

Receiving Frequency Range: F6 (400-469.9975Mhz)

Receiving Frequency Range: F7 (470-599.9975Mhz)

Retevis RA79 Walkie Talkie AM FM Airband Frequency Analog Dual Band Multi-Band Receiving Amateur Radio


  • Multi-Band Receiving and Amateur Band Transmitting;

  • Support NOAA Weather Alert;

  • AM/FM Aviation Band Receiving;

  • Fast Pair one Channel;

  • Automatic/Manual Emergency Alert;

  • Power-On password;

  • DTMF select call, group call, Individual Call;

  • Multiple Charging: USB-C charging, Desktop charger;


  • NOAA Weather Alert

  • Fast Copy One Channel

  • 10-Group Scrambler

  • Flashlight

  • Reverse Frequency Function

  • Time-Out-Timer

  • 1750HZ Call Tone

  • 200 Channel

  • Multi-Band Transmitting & Receiving

  • Emergency Alert

  • Multi-Scan

  • Offset Frequency Direction Set

  • Offset Frequency Setting

  • Wide/Narrow Bandwidth

  • Squelch Level Adjustable

  • Keypad Lock

  • Backlight Auto Off Time Selective

  • Wireless Radio Replication


  • H (High),M (Medium) L (Low) Output Power Selective

  • Split CTCSS/DCS Tone

  • Channel Store

  • PC Programmable

  • AM/FM Aviation Band Receiving

  • FM Radio

  • Busy Channel Lock

  • Large LCD Display

  • Cross-Band Receiving/Transmitting

Retevis RA79 Multi-Band Receiving Air Band Amateur Radio

Retevis RA79 ham radio supports multi-band receiving, making communication easier. AM aviation receiving meets the individual needs of ham radio operators. Multi-band receiving supports AM, 2m and 70cm frequencies receiving. Easy pairing allows you to pair with different walkie talkies. It is convenient for ham radio operators to use in outdoor activities.AM Aviation Receiving

AM modulation enables you to easily receive air frequency band. It is convenient for activating all-band scan from range of 108-136MHz. Multi-Band Receiving

Walkie talkie supports all-band receiving from 50-600MHz, offering you multiple choices to meet your receiving needs.Easy Pairing

It is convenient for detecting frequencies and CTCSS/DCS of different walkie talkies. If ham radio receives the signal, frequency and CTCSS/DCS will display on the display. You can press the menu key to save them on a specific channel.Wireless Complete Machine Replication

Pair all channels function enables you to fast pair all channels of the same model walkie talkies, helping achieve fast communication between team members.Programmable VFO

The ham radio is equipped with VFO function, allowing you to edit frequencies and CTCSS/DCS manually. Moreover, you can save the needed frequencies and CTCSS/DCS as regular channels.Emergency Alarm

Remote and local alarm help you ask your partners for help in the event of an emergency during an outdoor trip or adventure.LCD Screen

LCD Screen is convenient for learning about the current working status of walkie talkie anytime and anywhere.Support USB-C Charging

A standard Type-C charging connector (charging cable not included) and a desktop charger are convenient for recharging your walkie talkie anytime when you are outdoors.1400mAh Rechargeable Battery

The ham radio features a 1400mAh rechargeable battery, which has a long service life to use for a long time.Long Communication Range

5W high power makes long-distance communication more convenient. Dual band transmitting frequencies are suitable for cities and counties.Built-in Flashlight

The built-in powerful flashlight allows you to use the ham radio even in very dark conditions at night.10 NOAA Channels

RA79 ham radio features 10 NOAA channels, which helps you learn about the latest weather information and adjust your journey in time.Support edition; ham radio with data cable and CPS; users choose manual edition via the keypad; use the software to edit ham radio flexibly

Three edition methods; support VFO/CPS/Chirp; users choose the proper method according to the occasions and needs

VFO/CPS/Chirp; suit your specific needs flexibly; enable you to edit your ham radio anytime and anywhere

Various Applications

Familiar with the Radio

SpecificationsPackage Includes:

Standard Accessories of Package(1pc):

1X RA79 Radio

1X USB Desktop Charger

1X 1400mAh Battery

1X User Manual

1X Belt Clip

1X Antenna

1X Adapter

1X Lanyard

* Optional Accessories:

1X Programming Cable

1X Handheld PTT Speaker Microphone

Standard Accessories of Package(2pcs):

2X RA79 Radio

2X USB Desktop Charger

2X 1400mAh Battery

2X User Manual

2X Belt Clip

2X Antenna

2X Adapter

2X Lanyard

* Optional Accessories:

1X Programming Cable

2X Handheld PTT Speaker Microphone

* If you need optional accessories above, please purchase the corresponding package option including these accessories.

Comparison Between Retevis RA79 And RT-5R

1. Is RA79 requiring a license?

Yes, it is. RA79 is ham radio, so users need to obtain a radio license to ensure that individuals using amateur radio equipment have the necessary knowledge and skills to operate safely and effectively.

2. IS RA79 license-free or licensed?

RA79 is ham radio, so it is licensed. If users want to operate it, they need to get a license, otherwise, the bands could be unstable.

3. Why does RA79 need a license?

Without rules and guidelines, then amateurs could be affected military communication networks, cellular networks, WiFi networks and more, and the amateur radio bands could easily become unusable due to unregulated, high-powered transmissions by individuals with bad intentions.

4. Do I Need a License for Ham Radio?

Yes. Ham radio operators are licensed to use the radio waves by the regulator in their home country. Having an amateur ham radio license gives you access to worldwide radio frequencies to communicate.

5. Why users need a license for ham radio?

Amateur radio is regulated by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) under the Communications Act of 1934. It is also subject to many international agreements. All amateur radio operators must be licensed.

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